SheathEx ™

The SheathEx ™ Process

The most recent innovation in continuous rotary extrusion (CRE) is the BWE patented SheathEx process.

A Metallic Sheath is utilised in cables to prevent the ingress of moisture without diminishing the flexibility of the cable. Water penetration is detrimental to the integrity of insulation. The combination of moisture and high electrical stresses leads to the initiation of water tree growth, resulting in the premature failure of the cable.

SheathEx ™ Extrusion Technology

A ‘Seamless’ Aluminium Sheath is very reliable, economical and its mechanical properties make it both lighter and stronger than Lead Sheath.

After forming, the Aluminium Sheath is normally corrugated inline to improve flexibility of the cable. In some applications a smooth type sheath is preferred.

A high efficiency induction heater ensures an even temperature distribution around the extrusion die, which gives accurate control of wall thickness and concentricity.

Caterpillar haulers are used to transport the cable through the line and the extruded sheath is corrugated to size before being wound onto large diameter drums.

SheathEx ™ Applications

The SheathEx process is used in the production of Medium, High and Extra High Voltage Cables.

High and Extra High Voltage Cable Sheathing – Helical or Annular Corrugation

Medium and High Voltage Cable Sheathing – Smooth Type


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