BWE Smooth SheathEx™ Technology

BWE Conform™ 400 for SAC

BWE Conform 400 for Solid Aluminium Conductors.
Extrusion of Solid Aluminium Conductors, Round or Sector Shape from 2×9.5mm diameter rods.

BWE SheathEx™ Extrusion Technology

– SheathEX – High Voltage Power Cable Sheathing Line
– 2 x 12mm Aluminium Feedstock Rods are unwound, straightened and cleaned before being fed into the SheathEX Machine
– The Cable Core (126.3mm diameter in this case) is hauled from a Drum Pay-Off and fed into the SheathEX Machine
– The Cable Core is protected by a Water-Cooled Core Feed Tube that passes through the hot zone
– The extruded Seamless Tube (in this case 151.2×2.8mm) is cooled rapidly before it is possible for it to come into contact with the Cable Core
– Flash (aluminium leakage) is low, typically 2-5%
– Extrusion Tension is maintained by a Caterpillar Hauler and the Tube is corrugated in-line before winding the finished cable onto a Drum Take-Up

BWE Conform™ 315i Round Tubes & MPE or PFC Tubes

BWE Conform Extrusion Technology for Round, MPE or PFC Tubes

Cleaning System
From a single aluminum alloy rod to round or multi-port tube


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